8 thoughts on “A burger for a good turn”

  1. Really lovely story. We hope to raise a child as thoughful as yours one day.
    We are currently traveling and have not been back home in a while but a beef patty has been something we have been craving for a long time. 😋


  2. Pasta and/or pizza! I have never travelled anywhere where the Italian food is as good as the northeast, so I never opt to eat Italian when I am elsewhere. Thus, it’s usually the first meal I crave when I return. I am sure that when I finally make it to Italy, I will not feel the same after that trip.


  3. Not even Chicago? They have pretty good Italian, as does the North Shore of San Francisco. Me, I like either Chinese for it’s convenience or an entree salad, especially if I have been lacking in the veggie department.


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