One thought on “A Season of Reinvention”

  1. Hi Norida,

    Great post! It flows nicely and the story is compelling. Easter is not a big holiday for us either, though my mom would still cook a big meal, I think that was because she loved any excuse to do so. This year I had Cici with me, and not only did we not do a fancy meal, I kept forgetting even to dye the eggs with her! I think that is mostly because there has been so much to do around the house. She dutifully spent a few hours sorting through toys and old papers, deciding what to keep, what to bring to J’s, and what to donate or recycle. She helped me with spray painting our tacky old brass chandelier to look more like cast iron. There were a few play dates with the neighbors, too. Anyway, I have a dozen hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, which I guess I will eat instead of dyeing. I have to return Cici to J in the morning before work. She will surely be mad when she realizes we never dyed eggs, but there are worse things in life. 🙂



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