Fast Food on the Run

Whenever someone asks for a restaurant recommendation in downtown D.C., I often refer folks to one of José Andrés’ restaurants. Whether it’s Zaytinya, Jaleo or Oyamel, the food is always exceptional. What sets his restaurants apart from the other amazing ones in town is José himself, his convictions and his philanthropic heart. It’s why I was more than happy to pony up the $150 for Dine-n-Dash, a benefit for Andrés’ World Central Kitchen. The nonprofit organization through its chef network has been key in feeding Puerto Ricans as they continue to recover from Hurricane Maria, and more recently the people in Hawaii and Guatemala in the wake of their respective natural disasters. Continue reading Fast Food on the Run

A Talent for Tapas

Perhaps no other food captures the essence of Spanish culture better than tapas. Small enough for a person to make a meal out of two to three dishes, tapas are meant to be shared, evident of the social and generous nature of Spaniards. Tapas originated in the Andalusia region of Spain in the nineteenth century … Continue reading A Talent for Tapas